Tuesday, November 22, 2011

eBay Sales

The past few weeks I haven't been listing a lot on eBay. My life has been crazy and eBay took a place on the back burner. But this past week I made an effort to list as much as possible every spare moment I got (which weren't many). My sales weren't incredible but I'm very happy with them.

This was actually a toy Muno (from Yo Gabba Gabba tv show) guitar I bought for my Princess at a garage sale around 6 months ago. I paid $1.00 for it.  She played with it off and on for the first month but then she got tired of it and it ended up in the bottom of the toy storage bin. I rescued it and listed it BIN for $15.00. It sold 2 days later.

These Lego Duplo train tracks I found in the bag of toys I bought this past weekend at a yard sale. There were 14 curved pieces. I had no idea if these would sell especially considering they were all curved pieces. They sold in 3 days for $10.00 BIN.

I have gotten into selling designer jeans. I'm not sure how this happened but they are sellingg well for me. I picked up this pair of Miss Me jeans for $4.00 at my local Goodwill. I had never sold Miss Me jeans before but from hearing my nieces talk I knew they were a good, and expensive, designer brand. This pair sold today auction for $29.00. Miss Me jeans are definitely going on my "Too Look For" list.

I also sold some Boyds bears for $12.99 that I paid $2.00 for  months ago (I'm glad to see them go), a Rainbow Brite Hammy Sprite Toy from the 80's sold for $10.00 that I bought for $0.50, a pair of True Religion jeans for $36.00 that I paid $6.00 for, a pair of Seven for all Mankind mens jeans I paid $3 dollars for sold for $24.99, and a lot of 4 My Little Ponys I paid $0.75 for sold for $6.00.

Total sales for the week $143.98. Out of pocket expense $18.25. That is a great sales week for me. 

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