Thursday, November 17, 2011

Black Friday Is Coming

A week from today we will be enjoying a wonderful turkey dinner with our loved ones trying not to think of all the Christmas shopping we haven't done yet. And I had such good intentions this year but I have only crossed off half the names on my list.

This is my first time selling on eBay during the holiday season. I have been collecting toys and designer clothing to list hoping to take advantage of the holiday eBay shoppers which I keep hearing so much about. Of course today I didn't bother listing anything for auction. I figured no one will be online bidding on Thanksgiving day when they have yummy turkey to eat and a food coma to get through.

I have a stack of different size boxes and envelopes, bubble wrap, tape, Ziploc bags (I put everything I can fit in a Ziploc bag before I mail it. I figure this will keep it a little safer especially with the rain coming), labels, and every imaginable mailing supply you can think of stacked in my garage.

I think I'm ready for this holiday eBay selling season. Let the bidding begin!

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