Thursday, August 25, 2011

There's no such thing as a free lunch

Or so the saying goes. But apparently there is such a thing as a free steak dinner because last night Outback Steakhouse was giving away 1,000,000 (yes that is one million) free steak dinners. And within 4-6 weeks I should have my coupon to redeem my steak in our wonderful Salinas Outback. Combined with my $25 gift card I haven't used since Christmas this should make for a good time!

I never realized how many free things are out there. All you have to do is ask. Or sign-up. This week alone I have received 4 free diapers, a free shout wipe, 2 samples of Prilosec, and a 7 day sample starter kit of Align Digestive Care. And the week isn't over yet.

You are probably wondering where can you find out about all these great freebies. AllYou Magazine has a list of daily free samples. That's my first stop each morning. Then I go over to MoneySavingMom. Not only do I find out about samples but I also find all the coupon match ups for my local stores and what new coupons are available on this website. Love it! Of course there are tons of wonderful websites out there to find this info but these are the two I follow.

Because most companies ask for your email address in order to send you free samples I set up a separate email account to use just for my freebies. This might be something to consider. Remember it's all about saving a buck wherever you can.

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