Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolution Time

I am one of those people. I make New Years resolutions every year. And I rarely keep them. I have good intentions but some thing happens about week two into the New Year. This years resolutions are probably most peoples top three:
  1. Lose weight (I started Weight Watchers online. This worked for me before but I did the meetings)
  2. Save money. I actually bought several Dave Ramsey books from his website recently. They were on sale for $10.00 which was less then Amazon had them for. I am not drinking the Ramsey Kool-Aid and going all guns blazing into this. I’m not willing to give up things that are probably not necessary like my daughters extra curricular activities to do this. But I did do a budget and have an envelope system I am hoping to stick to.
  3. This one goes with resolution #2 but I want to get my bills paid off as soon as possible. I am a living pay check to pay check kind of girl. I admit it. No matter how much I make it never goes far enough. After reading up on Dave Ramsey and making up my budget I added up all my bills. With credit cards and loans I owe … $25000.00. That isn’t including my mortgage. At the current rate I can get it paid off in 5 years but I don’t want to wait that long. So all my extra money will now be spent on paying extra. And to make matters worse I need a new car. With the kids we don’t fit comfortably in what we have. So I will probably be adding another $10000.00 to that total before summer (I will get getting a used new to me car that isn’t from El Ano Del Caldo.).
  4. Get organized. Oh eBay you make this so hard to follow through. So currently I’m in a buying freeze until the end of the month. I have plenty to list.
This past week I was going through a tote of things to list and was doing some research on a lovey I had. I love selling them. People look to replace lost or destroyed ones all the time and are willing to pay good money. They are small and easy to store. Best of all they are cheap to mail so you can offer free shipping. Of course I would love to find a Fisher Price 1979 vintage security blanket but I haven’t had any luck yet. I’m surprised they still sell for so much. During my research I ran into Playskool Snuzzles toys. I never heard of them before but apparently they sell well. This little Lamb sold for $220.00!!! Maybe Mary lost hers and was trying to replace it (sorry I couldn’t help myself).


  1. I'd love to accomplish all of those same things this year! We are so far in debt and since my hubby lost his good paying job and has taken one that pays $10/hr. less I don't think we'll ever get out! ~~Pam

  2. Good luck with all your resolutions. You'll have to explain to me what getting a car from El Ano Del Caldo means.

    1. Lorraine Ano del caldo literally means year of the stew but it's a slang term for outdated or antiquated.

  3. Best of luck with all of your resolutions. We're paycheck to paycheck people too, but we've started cooking more at home and eating out waaaay less. It's really helping us stretch our dollars and actually have some leftover at the end of the month.