Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another Lost Phone

Sometimes the Kool-Aid comes and kicks you in the butt. I have been reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover everyday and I’m almost done with it. It’s a great book and I recommend it. Step one after making your budget and writing out your debt is saving $1000.00 in an emergency fund. He says that you will never get around to paying off your debt if you don’t have the cushion in case of an emergency. If you don’t have the cash you will end up charging your “emergency” and the cycle continues. As I’m reading the book I am half heartily thinking “I can do this. But maybe I will just skip step 1. Go straight to paying off debt”. Well last night I realized exactly why he has this step in place.


Most nights when it’s not extremely cold or raining we take the girls for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner. It’s a nice little ritual the girls enjoy. Last night as we were heading out I ran back inside the house to get my phone off the charger. I really don’t need it but I will admit having my phone with me at all times is like a security blanket. It was dark when we went for our walk and without realizing it my phone ended up falling. I didn’t realize it was missing  until we got home and we went searching for it but were unable to find it. I have (or had) an iPhone. I love my phone. I do a lot on it. But they are expensive. And I don’t have the money to buy a replacement phone cash. But I can’t be without a phone. So last night after searching for the lost phone I ended up charging the purchase of a new phone. There went $200.00.


Now I know I could have gotten a much cheaper phone but I do use my phone for a lot. Including listing on eBay. On my phone I had 10 items ready to be listed. What I do is I take pictures of the items when I get a chance on my phone. Then I take notes of description and measurements and save that on my phone. When I’m ready to list I open up the app, download the pictures and crop as needed and copy and paste description and measurements. I can do that anywhere I’m at including sitting at swimming class, waiting at the DMV, as a passenger while someone else is driving. Even if I am cut short and can’t finish listing an item I can save the listing as is and continue at another time. I love eBay mobile. If I feel the listing needs more I can always go back on my laptop when I get a chance and do a quick tweak. I also find that listing on my iPhone ensures that my listing is mobile friendly. I always go back on my phone and check the listing as a “buyer” to make sure it’s easy to ready.


I know most people do their listing on their laptop but with my busy scheduled if I relied on my laptop I would never get any listings done. Does anyone else do their listings on their phone?


  1. I did everything on my iPhone/iPad. Until one day last week I got a negative because she didnt read the description. Customer service told me the app isn't really for ppl listing a good amount (aka reselling to any degree) and there is a condition box that needs to be filled out in order to be protected with seller protection plus if the condition box isn't filled out they won't even look at removing unfair feedback. So this year started out with a new camera and a new laptop and selling the iPad. So boo. I loved the app but customer service contradicts themselves like normal.

    1. The condition box isn't on the app at all. In addition you can't do store categories or charge sales tax or fully do a returns policy (the text box for returns is deleted when submitted on the app. Learned it the hard way). I have 400+\- in my store so its not like I am a huge seller

  2. Well that stinks. I once was taking my dog for a walk and I had my garage door opener clipped to my belt. When I got back home, it was gone. I frantically retraced my steps and luckily found it in the grass. I never felt or heard it fall. It must really suck to lose a phone that has so much information on it that you need on a daily basis. I do all my computing at home on my desktop. My phone is a cheap Tracphone....just for calling so if I lose it, it's no big deal. Too bad you couldn't find it. Can the person who has it access any of your personal information?

  3. I know a lot of folks use their phones to do listings. I think it's a big convenience for those with busy schedules. I was thinking of trying it, but after reading what mrs4jachi noted about the "condition box" not on the mobile app, I think I'll stick with my desktop. The new eBay Cassini search has really changed how sellers list their items. On another note, I've heard so much about Dave Ramsey's money tips, I must get on board. Having money saved is as much like a security blanket as a cell phone!

  4. That's a bummer, but hopefully your ebay sales will pay off the phone and help you get your $1000 saved quickly!