Monday, January 13, 2014


I'm sitting outside on my porch (I would love to say it's a lovely porch but it needs to be painted which is another thing on my Honey Do list) watching the girls play with the neighbor little girl. I should be listing more but my goal right now is 5 listings per week ( I know its a low listing goal but it's one I know I can meet right now)  and I got all of them done today at work. My boss was at a meeting all day and you know what the say about the cat being away. I did list them all on my iPhone but I'm going to go on my laptop shortly and check them to make sure everything that should be there is there. After reading Mrs4jachi post (sorry I don't know your name) it's better to be safe then sorry. I'm going to make sure I change everything new I'm listing and slowly go through the old stuff.

One of the items that I listed earlier already sold. It was a Burberry mens polo shirt. I listed it for $30.00 plus shipping and it sold really quickly. I know I probably could have gotten more but I'm happy for the quick sale. I'm always so scared of listing designer brands that are often counterfeited  like Burberry. I always try and do research before listing to confirm it's real but I'm far from an expert on designer anything. Designer for me is Target or things that I find cheap at yard sales. I always cross my fingers and say a little prayer when I list things like that.

Speaking of yard sales, even though I have a buying freeze I still went yard saling this weekend. I always drive my mom to them (she never learned to drive) and she asked me to go. I did very well though and only spent $4.00 on a bunch of 4 oz bottles of Bath & Body Works Temptations 3 in 1 body, bath, and shampoo. I never heard of them before but they smelled good and they are the perfect size for Princess' swim bag. If I put big bottles in her bag she wastes the entire thing in two showers. I looked them up last night and found out they are discounted so I might try listing them instead of using them. I love finding discounted items. People get used to things and when they are gone they will pay big money to get them again.

It's time to go inside and get to work. I also want to go inside because some people I don't know pulled up next door and I have a huge fear of strangers next door. A couple months ago I learned that my neighbors know my Princess' former family and now I have a fear of someone coming and kidnap her. I never leave her outside if I don't have direct eye contact on her. I know my neighbors would never let anything happen to her but I don't know what her former family might try. I've been trying to teach her the whole stranger danger motto. Hopefully it never comes up.

Just a few random thoughts. Have a wonderful day!


  1. My son wets te bed so he takes 2 showers a day...I was livid to find an entire full size body wash and shampoo gone in a I sympathise all too much. I have a similiar fear with him also his biological dad is a psychopath druggie that I had a restraining order on. Even though we live half the country away I live in fear he will find us and take him :(
    -Grace (google auto signs me in as mrs4jachi and I haven't given it a second thought of it before)

  2. I don't blame you for being paranoid about strangers. I'm the same way. My daughter is 19 and I still have fears like yours. As for listing, I only list a few things a day. If I can keep my listings around 50, I'm happy. More than that and I'm afraid of getting overwhelmed or making mistakes. I have steady sales so as things sell, I just list more. Keeps me busy.

  3. Great deal on the Bath and Body items. I've done well with those in the past. And yes, we moms never stop worrying. My kiddos are pre-teen and teenagers, and it seems like the older they get, the more I worry.

  4. awesome find on the Bath and Body items. I can never find full bottles here. Some of the lotions go for big money. Can't blame ya for being over protective. I would be too