Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What eBay?

So mom asked me this weekend "why haven't you been listing on eBay?" Oh yeah eBay! 

What have I been doing instead?

Making a money lei. I have to make 3 by May and I have never made them before so I'm starting early. 

Making invitations for Princess' 5th birthday also in May. It's a Mermaid party and I have a lot of cutting out to do and making tons of decorations so I want to make sure I have enough time. I finally got all the pieces to the invitations cut out this weekend when Princess tells me "Mommy I think I want a Frozen party instead."

What?!?! So do I put all my hard work aside and start all over? I know she loves Frozen. She's always singing the songs. But ... I haven't decided yet. 

I do have a BOLO though. After she told me she wanted a Frozen party I went to the Disney Store to get some ideas and found out ALL the stores (Disney, JCP, Target, etc) are sold out of the Elsa costumes. Poor Anna no one wants to be her so you can find tons of Her costumes everywhere. So if you happen to find an Elsa costume while yard saling grab it ... And sent it to me ... Oh sorry I mean list it fast before they replenish the stock again at the stores. 

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  1. I saw on Pinterest that someone took a sheer light blue curtain, ran a ribbon through the top casing, and stamped snowflakes all over it to make a cape.Maybe if you happen to find one at the thrift store....
    BTW,the only thing that got my 5 year old son to stop singing "Let it Go" was the "Everything is Awesome" song from the Lego Movie,lol.