Saturday, August 31, 2013

Too Much Info

I think I've mentioned it before but for those of you that aren't aware I am an office manager at a pest control company. I hate bugs. A lot. Luckily we don't have any in the office. And if any guy brings one in I make sure the office is treated that very night. Don't want anything alive that shouldn't be.

Last weekend I was working, lucky me. I only have to do it once every 8 weeks. It's over time so I don't mind too much. But last weekend I really wish I wouldn't have. See I have this fear of bed bugs. We have had lots of training on them and they seem to be everywhere. They make my skin crawl just thinking about them. I know how difficult and expensive they can be to get rid of and I've heard some really bad horror stories. I think I've actually had nightmares about them. And I have also been warned continuously by more then one fellow employ to watch out. See people that have bedbugs often try to give rid of their infested items either through garage sales or thrift stores. They think it's a quick and easy fix. And guess where I get most of my merchandise to sell. Yep, garage sales and thrift stores.

Well last weekend I got an I told you so from a fellow employee. We received a call from someone thinking they might have bed bugs. I sent my tech out to do an inspection. Turned out she did have some. And the item that was infested was bought at ... A local thrift store. I can't say which one but it is one that I frequent. So now I'm staying as far away from thrift stores as I can. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.


  1. EEEWWW!!! This is precisely why I cannot (mentally) buy used plush. I imagine pets or drooling babies on them (or lice and fleas). I hate bugs too and I worry about those kinds of things a lot. And bed bugs are always a worry when staying in hotels.

  2. ICK!! Bugs are my biggest fear in this business. I try to be very careful and clean. I hope and pray it never happens.

  3. A second EEEWWW!!! I just bought a used stuffed Flintstone Bam Bamm. I wasn't sure on reselling it and I almost paid what it would be worth. After reading your bed bug article it
    is in the trash. That same day I bought a quilt. It looked brand new so I put it aside to sell later. It's a Christmas quilt. Well it is in the washing machine as I speak. I needed this reminder on bed bugs. Thanks for writing about bugs.

    1. I always try not to buy anything I can't wash on the highest setting and dry. I think I would have to move if I brought some home with me. You should be fine if you washed the quilt.