Wednesday, August 7, 2013

People Will Buy Anything

I have a chubby baby. I admit it. But I refer to her as slightly not skinny (that only works with babies not adults). She eats a lot. Her doctor told me she would eat more because of the drug exposure and she sure does. Might be why she won't crawl.

Most of my recycling every week comes from her baby food containers. As I was throwing another away this morning I thought to myself "there must be something I can do with these". I have admitted in the past that I have no creative bones in my body. So I turned to Pinterest.  I was shocked at how much you can do with them. But then I thought "I wonder if people would buy these?" Turns out they  would buy them both the glass and plastic containers.

Hmm wonder what else people buy.

Branches: willowbirchTumbleweed. Empty wine bottles (any lushes out there?). Empty tequila bottles (this is more up my alley). Hotel shampoo bottles (if you travel for business might be worth saving).

If you ever get bored look up random things on eBay. You would be amazed what people will buy.

The really weird stuff are the fetish items. Used socks. Pictures of feet. I think I will stick to normal clothing and toys.


  1. Holy crap,who knew people would pay for hotel shampoo? My FIL travels during the week for his job-every so often he gives us a huge box filled with hotel shampoo, conditioner,lotion, soap, etc.I haven't bought that stuff in for-ever.I had no idea.

  2. Oh, my! Dirty socks? I just read an article about selling empty paper towel tubes. Someone sold 25 for $22! Works for me!

  3. You have an adorable daughter and I commend you for trying and giving your daughter the best that she deserves. I’m originally from Marina and now living in San Jose. I go thrifting and picking on the weekends as a hobby and to make extra money on the side. I have been doing pretty well for myself. Anyway, I accidentally came across your site and just wanted to say keep up the good work.