Saturday, March 22, 2014


There was article in the paper about a little girl locally that was found in her home chained to the floor. She was being starved. As the older of the three children she would try to get to the food so they would chain her to keep her away from it. The worst part is that this little girl had already been removed from her parent because of abuse in the past and ended up in this home. If you knew the reason she was removed the first time it would probably make you sick to your stomach like it did me. I breaks my heart to think of the life this poor child has had. 

My own daughters didn't have a great beginning in life and their past might affect them in the future but they are now surrounded by so much love and affection. They get everything they could ever need and most things they could ever want. Even if most of it isn't new. They could care less at this age. 

If I could I would help more kids. But as a single mom it's hard with two kids. I don't know if I could handle another. And if it would be fair to them. And financially ... well I don't think my checkbook could stretch that far. 

There are so many kids that need a loving home. Whether it's short term or for a life time. If you have ever thought about adoption or foster care I recommend it. Look into it. It's hard, I won't lie. But so fulfilling to know you are helping a child and making a difference. 


  1. we have 3 of our own. We stopped so that we could adopt in the future. What a wonderful thing you have done for your girls :D

  2. Things like this really wonder about humanity. How a person can be so cruel beyond comprehension.