Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Accidental BOLO

Tory Burch. I might be the only person who has never heard of this brand until recently. But it’s definitely one I will be looking for from now on. I went to a Church sale a few weekends ago that was very disorganized, everything thrown in piles on blankets on the front lawn. And that day happened to be a VERY VERY hot day so I only made it through one pile. I was just about to pay for the few items I found when I noticed a womans top sitting on top of a different pile. There wasn’t anything that made it stand out except for the buttons. They were gold, had a design and looked to be very good quality. I stuck it in my pile, paid, and made my way back to my air conditioned car as quickly as I could.

When I got home I pulled the shirt out and looked up the brand. I was shocked how well Tory Burch sells and for how much. I listed the top for $40 plus shipping and I had an offer for $32.00 within an hour. I only paid 50 cents for it so I quickly accepted the offer. Of course then I wondered how many other quality brands I left behind.

I am not about name brands. If it fits and it’s cute I will wear it. This sale made me think it was time to actually start doing some research on name brands. As a part time eBay seller it’s better to sell quality (for higher prices) then quantity (for lower price). I was at my sisters house this past weekend and my niece was wearing an ugly (to me) sweater. I made a comment to my sister and she told me that it’s an expensive brand. I grabbed my phone and sure enough it was. It was Wildfox white label brand. The sweater suddenly didn’t look so ugly anymore.

So this week I’m trying something new. I’m going to pick a category every two weeks and research it on eBay. This week is mens jeans. I’m going to check sold listings when I have some free time (I don’t have a lot of that which is why I’m only doing one category every two weeks) and make a list of brands that sell. I will pick my “dream finds” which is something that sells for hundreds or even thousands of dollars and ordinary finds that sell for a good profit. I feel I’m doing myself an injustice by not putting more effort in learning what sells. I will be sure to share any magical finds since I’m not very good at keeping secrets.


  1. Bought for 50 cents. Sold for $32. Nice! I see that the buttons have the signature logo which makes the brand easy to spot. Is the brand marketed to older or younger buyers?

    1. I would say young adult. It's an upscale boho style that is outrageously priced. I certainly can't afford her clothing.

  2. Love your TB find!Don't feel bad - there are many others out here like you - we aren't crazy enough to pay what they want for those brands, thus we don't really know them!!! But one thing I did that helped was to go to the Saks Fifth Avenue website (or Nieman Marcus) and print out their "designer" names page - and keep it with me. Trust me, if they sell it at Saks or Neimans, it's a WINNER!! So I can just do a quick look. Or if you have a smart phone (which I don't) you could easily check on that. But it's definitely worth starting to learn those good names - they pay off, as you've found!! :-)